Sunday, March 21, 2010

What is the name of this Plant?

My challenge to you all is to name this plant. 

I have decided to put a new one up each week so keep watching.

This one is not hard as it is commonly grown as an indoor plant. This photo is taken outdoors on a sub tropical island.

I tried to think of a prize for this but haven't come up with one yet. Any suggestions?
 Maybe I will Fave your blog.


BernieH said...

Looks a lot like Monstera deliciosa.

Diana Studer said...

Delicious monster. Have you eaten the fruit? They call it the fruit salad plant. Never seen fruit, we just get leaves.

Jim Groble said...

I will look every week. But unless it is a host or ligularia, I will be clueless. I could come up eith some pidgin latin name, like biggus greenus or something like that. Great pic and post. jim

Kimberly said...

Alan, I wish I knew. However, I'll check back every week, just in case I know. If not, I'll learn something new!

Meredith said...

No idea, Alan, but I've seen one that's all foliage and no bloom long ago in front of my grandmother's parlor window. The leaves are very distinctive. You'll have to give an update with all the info, to satisfy my curiosity now. :)

dinzie said...

My Money is on the Monstera deliciosa as well :O)


Alan Jolliffe said...


Thanks for taking part in What is this Plant.

Yes it is Monsteria deliciosa. Well done to those who live in warm climates and have seen it flowering.

I have posted an article about it tonight.

I am about to post a new one. Keep looking.