Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook - Otautahi Urban Foraging

This is a Facebook Social networking group dedicated to finding sources of “free” ood all over Christchurch. The Facebook site describes it as “All over the city there is food that is being grown by nature, which falls on the ground and rots without being utilized. This group will function as a treasure map for the city, displaying information about foraging throughout the Christchurch area.”

Interested? Go to Facebook and search for Otautahi Urban Foraging and join to find out  all about it and what is popular at different times of the year. Already 508 people have become fans of this site. You may be able to help as well.


Stone Art's Blog said...

Ha ha ha, that's grate, had a look at the facebook page, looks pretty popular. Wounder what the tourists make of all the locals rummaging around in the street flower pots and green spaces, pulling up weeds and shoving them in there pockets with a look of satisfaction on there faces. lol

Alan Jolliffe said...

Yes it has a good following. I don't know if I want to give away the locations of nice wild black berries, wild cherries and walnuts.

I also think Parks managers should plant these things in public spaces as well. lemon trees for nice Gin and Tonics!!

Anonymous said...

Ooor come on Alan... do tell?
I have a lemon tree, I'd be more than happy for people to come round and grab some. It's usually full and I keep it watered well. Flick me a sms if you want some.
0274 622 607