Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Investing in Education

I have been in Australia in Southern Queensland for nearly three weeks on holiday.Great weather, good beaches, lots of expensive attractions, heaps of shopping and much more.

At the National level a there is a lot of concern for the economic crisis. The Government decided to spend $42billion on infrastructure and handouts, concern about corporate profits and the future of big businesses. Banks are safe like in NZ because of the banking regulations.

But what will it all look like in 2 years time. We can only guess. Here is one example.

Except that the Australian investment in infrastructure is different. Schools will get new libraries, halls and science labs for education. Universities will get over $1 billion in new facilities. A new report suggested 20 new teaching universities on the outskirts of cities.

With this sort of investment in knowledge and learning Australia will be able to improve the level of knowledge and skills of many people throughout its diverse communities. A better educated population will enable Australia to grow economically, politically and innovatively in the future to make it an even more powerful country in the world.

Can NZ invest in it people in this or similar ways to ensure we can come out of this crisis with better people and greater knowledge to continue our innovative and creative business and community development?

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