Thursday, February 4, 2010

Growing out of the Recession.

2008 and 2009 were years many people would like to forget and fortunately 2010 looks like it will be better. Things are still tough and it will take some time to be really bright again.

We may be able to help others this year. Some of the things we can do individually, as small groups or as a large group may be to

  • Take a bunch of Garden flowers to someone you know needs a lift.
  • Give away some surplus vegetables grown in your garden to someone not as well off as ourselves.
  • Help someone establish a new vegetable garden
  • Give away some surplus plants to help brighten up another person’s garden
  • Take a bottle of homemade jam, chutney or other produce to a neighbour
  • Give a one year membership to a garden club or similar to a deserving person or family
  • Introduce them to Blotanical and the internet

All these acts of kindness, and others I have not thought about, will show we live in a community that cares. The community can lead the way in brightening up peoples lives by sharing our gardens with them.

There is a great little saying “Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach him to fish and he can feed himself forever” maybe we should have one that says “Give a person food and they can eat today, teach them to garden and they can feed themselves and others forever.”

In this respect bloggers can lead the way us sharing our knowledge and teaching others how to garden, groups of gardeners can get together and learn more 

Let us start this year in such a way that we can and will make a difference in peoples lives.


BernieH said...

Nice one Alan ... I think it's always so much more worthwhile to give than to receive and you had some great suggestions!

Anonymous said...

Alan, These are good suggestions; thanks for this thoughtful post. -Jean

Living wall artist said...

Good thoughts Alan. It's the little gestures that seem to go a long way with people