Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eranthus hyemalis, Winter aconite

Winter flowering plants are important in providing unusual spots of colour in the garden. Eranthus is not exception especially when it flowers on the coldest days of the year in July in New Zealand.

The small golden yellow, buttercup like flowers appear above a rosette of roughly serrated bright green leaves on a stem only 10 cm tall. They are great for woodlands but look equally at home near shrubs in a garden border. They are easily propagated by division or from seed. After several years left undisturbed it will have densely colonised a small area and when in flower be a real attraction.

Eranthus has about 7 tuberous rooted species which are native of Europe and northern Asia. E hyemalis originates from France, Italy, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria growing mainly in woodland areas.

Great information can be found in this special edition of International Rock Gardener No 49 January 2014.


Jerrine Wire said...

the coldest day of the year is rarely in July…please edit.

Great data for Penguin Recovery 3.0 said...

Does it only grow in winter?

Mike Star said...

hello sir please give me more information about aconitum napellus flower is it poisons plant or it is very useful plant.
Aconitum Napellus

Alan Jolliffe said...

Hi Guys

July is the coldest month in New Zealand

Yes it only grows in winter

Aconitum is a very poisonous plant in its natural state