Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Summer Pruning of Roses

Roses, the queen of flowers, are one of summers highlights with their large, bright and scented flowers of all shapes, sizes and forms.

Unfortunately the flowers don't last as long as we would like and we have to encourage more growth and flower buds throughout the summer to have  a continuous  supply of lovely flowers.

Here is how we do that.
  • When each flower has finished prune off the dead head back to the next flowering bud.
  • Usually there are a number of flowers on each stem so when the last flower has finished cut back the flowering stem to the first five leaflet leaf down the stem.
  • Once cut at this point a new flowering stem will grow to produce flowers about 4-5 weeks later.
  • Repeat this as the early rose flowers finish.
  • Repeat this process throughout the summer and autumn to keep rejuvenating the rose bush and produce more flowers.
  • At times the bush may look a little  out of shape and  this can be corrected by pruning some stems a little harder than the first five leaf.
  • If there is any dieback or dying stems these should be removed when identified.

This seems like a lot of work but if you do a little each week it only takes a few minutes.

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