Thursday, January 15, 2015

Native Orchids of Arthurs Pass New Zealand

New Zealand has about 165 species of native orchids. Most produce quite small flowers. The largest flowering genus is Pterostylus the green hooded orchids.

In December 2014 on a trip to Arthurs Pass area we found the following orchids in flower. The three areas we visited were Bealey Spur Track to Top Hut, Otira Valley Track and Punchbowl Falls walk.

Pterostylus No 1

Pterostylis No2

Adenochilus gracilis - Slender Forest Orchid 

Simpliglottis cornuta - Green Bird Orchid

Waireia stenopetala. Yellow Beaks or Beak Orchid

Aporostylis bifolia

Stenostyla lyallii

Aporostylis bifolia

Microtis unifolia Common Onion Orchid

Gastrodia Species.  Potato Orchid
This is a parasitic orchid sending up its flowering spikes from tree roots below ground

Nematoceres species - Spider Orchid

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