Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heritage buildings damaged in Earthquake

The big issue for the City is how do we save these older buildings?

“Gung ho” people making instant decisions without thought can lead to the demolition of buildings that could be saved and restored.

Expert engineering advice, conservation architectural advice and heritage management advice are all essential at a time like this.

Yes there is likely to be an economic imperative to get the economy moving again.

People may even see opportunities to reduce the unemployment levels and help the building trades out by suggesting demolition and rebuilding. This however is often a short sighted and economically flawed idea.

Others have the bright idea we can build new modernistic buildings where there are these new spaces.

Irrespective of economic and developmental ideas time is on everyone’s side once a building is made safe.

Businesses can re-establish in a variety of locations, even temporarily. In today’s world with instant communication customers can be advised of new locations.

Let’s take the time to make the right decision about our buildings.

It is not only buildings but bridges, monuments, houses, sites, trees, rivers, streams and other natural and man made features that can be retained, strengthened, conserved and restored.

The benefits of doing this will put us on the world stage as being able and capable of achieving this and rebuilding out city. The skill set developed will be marketable around the world. Visitors will come to see and learn how it is done.

We will have a city which boldly shows off its heritage, (both built and cultural heritage) to the world.

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Stone Art's Blog said...

The coverage of the quake over here depicted, devastation but also an impressive response from both the government and the community. Christchurch is such a lovely city, I miss it. It is always a tough battle to keep the old buildings, a battle to often lost!