Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garden Visitor - White Faced Heron

Short video of the White Faced Heron which visited our garden today.

This video is on You tube just click the link below.

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Garden Visitor - White Faced Heron

In response to requests here are a few photos of the heron. Taken on Fuji S6500 with optical and digital lens hence not quite the quality I wanted.


Anonymous said...

Hello Alan. Herons are such graceful birds and you have captured this one beautifully in the photos! I will be back to see what other garden visitors you have in the future!

Autumn Belle said...

These pictures are beautiful. I usually see the white ones here. Some of them have migrated to my country during the winter season and I like to watch them fishing at the riverbank.

Carol said...

What a beautiful heron ... I have never seen this one before. Your captures are gorgeous! I especially love the last photo.