Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tourism Repeat and referral business

The best, cheapest and most effective marketing is repeat or referral business. In effect this is word of mouth marketing whereby satisfied guests make return visits and/or suggest to their friends, family or others that such a visit is really worthwhile, value for money and authentic.

To ensure this works owners and managers must ensure their guests highly value their experience. Make sure everything from the time of booking, and their activities until leaving is managed extremely well providing the services, experiences and knowledge required by visitors.

Understanding your customer’s experiences and desires is important. Do not assume you know. Take the opportunity to talk regularly with customers face to face and work out a way to work out how to include their suggestions.

Iterative improvements are far easier to include in daily operations rather than having to reorganize the whole operation because things are not going well.

With this management method businesses can keep on improving, provide improved experiences and give the customers what they want. More importantly repeat or referral business will quickly improve your turnover and profitability.

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